Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, this may be a touch different then our last writing project, Yellow Chair Sports. Vinnie and I have become sophisticated gentlemen who enjoy good beer (At least that's our story. I'm sure some of our friends may perceive things a touch differently). Seeing that both of us spend plenty of time on Beer Advocate, why not use our writing talents to entertain all eight of our readers with beer recommendations, spots to enjoy said beers, and other beer related thoughts that will captivate everyone that stumbles upon our latest project.

Thanks to a slow night of work, my usual mind drifting hopes the minutes and hours away, and needing to drone out about a different subject then the 47 combinations for Marquette's starting line-up/recruiting classes for the next three years, More Better Beer is alive and ready to go until one or both of us inevitably have writers block a few weeks from now.

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