Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dogfish Head / Victory Saison Du BUFF, tap

Supergroup Saison
[written by Vinnie]

Al was a high school classmate whom I hadn’t seen--legitimately--since high school. No Facebook friendage or nuthin. But we ran into each other at Brixie’s tonight. I recognized him first, as is usually the case since I tend to look different than I used to. He ended up there after meeting a blonde girl, who ran into an old friend and her boyfriend, who said “let’s go to Brixie’s”... something like that. Al is a hotel manager now; he has a dog and a condo; he’s a fellow night owl who works strange hours and is off tomorrow. After catching up, the night ended with the blonde girl a stumbling mess stuffing change in my shirt pocket, her friend yelling at Al and alleging we were gay, and then the three tearing off in a silver compact with her two companions, leaving Al and I standing in the parking lot, confused and a little relieved. We exchanged numbers, said we’d try to catch a Sox game sometime, and headed toward our cars.

Before all that, I made a great beer choice. (Can’t say so much for the blonde girl who’d been drinking Bud Light with limes.) Saison has lately shot up my list of favorite beer styles, and I had high expectations for the brewing supergroup of Dogfish Head, Stone, and Victory. The aroma was fruit--peaches or passion, I think--a little musty, a little nutty, a little piny. The taste had the pine nut flavor but not much of the fruit. I also got some bulb--shallot or fennel--and cilantro, which may give the beer a soapy flavor to those with that cruel palate. It was not as sweet as most saisons I’ve had; there was no alcohol taste, and it went down at the perfect pace for the 6.8 ABV.

Drink in a patient mood--slow, swishy sips, one ounce at a time with long breaks in between. Each one will probably taste a bit different. Don’t drink this beer with food that will crowd out the flavor. Neutral and toasty only.

Grade: S, for sublime. I could drink this often.

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