Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindemans Framboise, tap

[written by Vinnie]

Last week I went to one of my regular spots,
Lunar in Villa Park, with a taste for something Belgian but lighter on the ABV. I’d never tried a lambic before, nor had I given it much consideration. The appearance of the Lindemans bottle screams sweet and slightly poisonous like sweet vermouth, and whenever I see it in a liquor store, I can never conceive of a situation when I would want one at home. But a limited tap offering is always impetus to try something I would never stretch to buy, and my palate was in the right place. I also had a free pint coming because the bartender couldn’t find a cap for the growler of house bock I’d wanted to buy. If I were ever to try a Lindemans, this was it.

I had no clue what Framboise meant beforehand, but I had a pretty good inkling once I saw the head. My eyes started to water watching the pinkish foam go down. After the first sip, I almost cried. There is no subtlety--raspberries, raspberries, raspberries. I love raspberries, but raspberries as tart, furry lump-- not raspberries as sugary liquid explosion. But I drank it all down like a big boy girl. Once my sweet receptors desensitized, it wasn’t nearly as bad, but afterward I felt like climbing the jungle gym.

Grade: J, for juice. Lindemans Framboise is fizzy, raspberry-flavored juice. Now I know.

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