Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Metropolitan Krankshaft, bottle, poured into water glass

I came by mom and dad's house tonight to check out their Alaska photos and do some laundry (yes, I'm 26, fully employed, and have my own condo--thanks for asking).

I had two Krankshafts left in the fridge from the 4th, and now there is but one. Krankshaft is probably my favorite Metropolitan brew, though I'd recommend any of the others I've tried (Flywheel, Dynamo, Generator). Krankshaft is a K├Âlsch, one of my favorite--and one of the most under-appreciated--styles of beer. Krankshaft represents the style pretty well, though it's probably a bit sweeter than average.

If you're hammered, you could be convinced you're drinking champagne. But--as I'll repeat often--great beer is not to be wasted on the hammered. The aroma is very grapey, a little citrusy, and vaguely soapy. The grapeness dominates the start of the sip but gives way to the grain before finishing with the hop bitterness. You'll wanna inhale lightly on the sip--about an ounce and a half per--swish it back through your cheeks, and let it sheet across your tongue and down the hatch.

Grade: K, for krisp... or klean... or... whatever. I love this beer. Go get some.

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