Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lagunitas Pils, bottle, poured into inappropriate glassware

My parents have been away on an Alaskan cruise since last week, so like the good son I am, I came by their house tonight to water my mom's plants... not that I've actually done it yet. It was long dark when I left work, so I'm holding out for overnight rain. In the meantime, I jammed on the out-of-tune family piano and had a beer.

As my latest attempt to convert my extended family into craft beer drinkers, I brought some Lagunitas Pils to the family (German/Czech side) 4th of July celebration, hoping that the chance to try something new would trump the novelty of a vortex bottle. That part wasn't entirely successful--the upside being that the leftover came back to my parents' house for me to drink on nights such as this.

The downside may be that--after a few weeks and a few cooler transfers--it's no longer grade A prime. I recall Pils tasting better on previous occasions, but I still enjoyed this one. Pils may not fit what you consider pilsner if that happens to be Miller Lite (no condescension intended). Compared to the mass-marketed brands, Pils is sweeter, fruitier, and more bitter (California likes it hoppy). It may actually remind you more of bocks you know than pilsners.

Grade: S, for sub-optimal drinking condition. It's still a tasty beer, but I would put at least two or three other Lagunitas brews ahead of it.

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