Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amateur Beer Review: Surly Furious

Surly's Signature Brew
Surly Furious pint can, poured into Lakefront Brewery pint glass

If you're looking for high quality beer reviews I probably should cede this department to Vinnie.  However, a few quick thoughts on the fine American IPA known as Surly Furious.

With all the hops of a west coast style IPA, Furious is the kick in the pants that helps start any good session.  Floral hops immediately takeover your taste buds but a strong malty body gives the beer a well balanced flavor that keeps it from being strictly a hop bomb.

The beautiful red color highlights Furious's intimidating look but the beer is also accommodating after the initial hop shock wave and it is very easy to enjoy two or three in a session (not recommended for a full session though unless you possess a mighty powerful tongue).

My clogged sense of smell notices the citrusy, floral scent common of IPA's but unfortunately cannot pick up the nuances assuredly contained within this strong brew.

All in all, an excellent representative of the American styled IPA (or strong red ale if you feel like using that classification) and Surly's signature brew among their regular line-up.  Unfortunately, finding a Surly pint glass in the Twin Cities was as difficult as finding Surly outside Minnesota will soon be.

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