Sunday, July 25, 2010

Biting From the Bad Apple

The authors of More Better Beer took a Thursday night excursion to the big city, checking out The Long Room and The Bad Apple.
We really need to invest in a digital camera

I'll cover the Long Room later but first and foremost want to highlight one of Chicago's best new bars. From closing time discussion with one of the owners (down in the trenches tending bar) and his softball stories from his time in L.A. to a tremendous tap list (at very nice prices), the Bad Apple instantly jumped to the forefront of my favorite beer bars.

After my typical start to the session with a buffet of hoppy beers (including my first experience with Dreadnaught) I was ready to lighten the mood a bit and tried out Left Coast's Tangerine Wheat.

So what, I like quality fruit beers

While my love for hoppy beers is typical of beer geeks I am off in my own little world with regards to fruit based brews. Though the brewers at Lost Coast wanted to de-emphasize the tangerine flavor in the beer it was blatantly obvious yet quite tasty (and mind you, I do not normally like tangerines).

Even with a low ABV I would not recommend drinking Tangerine Wheat in multiple doses as I believe the sweet flavor would be too much of a good thing. However, it worked well in the middle of my session and gave my tongue a much needed change-up and break from the hostile hop takeover.

After enjoying the Lost Coast offering I was glad to enjoy Matilda on tap for the first time (a bit ashamed to admit that as a proud Chicagoan and beer geek for more than a year now). Goose Island must have a small brewery in Brussels because they nail the Belgain style in multiple brews (also love Sofie and quite enjoyed Pere Jacques even before I was a full-fledged beer lover).

One-third of tremendous GI Belgian trio
Tremendously balanced, the citrusy notes of Matilda combine with the strength of the Belgian styled ale to form a masterpiece of the style. Dangerously drinkable, Matilda is quite accommodating in taste but sneaky strong with a 7.5% ABV, which makes this a good night cap to a session.

To end the night I made a call to an old friend, New Holland's Dragon Milk. A sweet stout that just so happens to pack a giant 9.0% ABV punch, this brew combines Mike Tyson's punching power with Money Mayweather's scientific skill in deftly knocking you on your ass.

One of my favorite stouts
Love the balance of sweetness and strong body and a great way to end your night (especially if you do not have to drive). Also, in an industry filled with creative names, Dragon's Milk is a great way to describe a beer that can knock even the strongest drinkers out, yet do so in such a sweet manner.

With great service, many tremendous offerings at excellent prices (i.e. GL Dortmunder Gold draft for $3.50), and an owner that engages with his customers, The Bad Apple is rapidly developing into one of Chicago's best beer bars.

One final thought, a quick MBB tip of the hat to The Long Room, a great bar in its own right and the place that exposed me to a coveted beer to try in Three Floyds powerful IPA Dreadnaught (worthy of all the hype and another great 3F offering).


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  2. Dreadnaught is good, clean and easy drinking. Too much resinous flavors, but that's okay. Quite flavorful and worthy of another glass.Resinous and sticky, hops are the story of this beer. I wish if it is available in India.Holland Dragon milk? Never tasted.By the way is it sister brand of Malow Dragon Milk?

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