Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Brothers Cane and Ebel, bottle, poured into pint glass

Though not related to this review, here's a picture of me drinking a Budweiser (I also had an Old Style) at Monday night's Cubs game:

I post this for two reasons: 1) to prove that I'm a lover of beer and not a beer snob* (There is a difference!) and 2) to note that I saw the Cubs get beat 18-1 in person. Well, technically, I only saw them get beat 13-1 before getting special exemption from my "no leaving the game early, ever" policy. I'm just glad I opted for Brewers garb--my first time ever wearing road colors in Wrigley.

*That said, I probably hadn't had either beer since the last time I went to a Cubs game or some other live sporting event. The Old Style was perfectly enjoyable, but I understand now why Bud is merely drinkable™.

As for tonight's sampling, no unique setting or backstory--just me in my underwear on my couch, beer poured from a bottle I picked up on my last trip to Famous Liquors.

Cane and Ebel is described on the label as a "hopped-up red rye ale." Well, I'd say it pours more amber than red, and it's definitely more hopped-up than rye--a disappointment to me because I really like rye beers. Hops are like mint or garlic--too much of them, and your taste buds become calloused to everything else.

I know there's more to this beer. Behind the hops, I could smell something toasty, some pine nuts maybe, and a little coffee (though I'm always skeptical whether coffee aromas are in the beer or just permanently absorbed into my nasal cavity from all the joe I drink throughout the day), and the flavor is toasty, grainy, caramel sweet.

The first few sips were great, but the hops just wouldn't dissipate. Water, toothpick--not enough. This would be fine if hoppiness were my mission, but I wanted something more. It was there, but I just didn't have the patience to wait on it. If I really wanted to get full flavor out of each sip, I'd be up all night, the last sip flat and piss warm. Not for me; not tonight.

Grade: T, for too hoppy! I would love to try this beer again, but a) not without food to help clear the palate and b) with the expectation of a hoppy beer and a palate prepared to work its way back from that.

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  1. And of course, I was already looking forward to trying Cane and Ebel at future Two Bros. visit and am more excited now. That said, after drinking a beer like this I agree that cleansing the palate is necessary to give fresh beer a clean slate (tongue).