Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Addendum to Post on Pale Ales

Two great beers that I have enjoyed but purposely neglected in my previous post on pale ales are Great Lakes Burning River and Half Acre Daisy Cutter.  While classified as pale ales, I view both of them as hoppy, IPA styled beers that should be had just once per session (maybe twice for Burning River). 

If Great Lakes swapped the classifications of Burning River and Commodore Perry IPA, I would not blink an eye and in fact that may be a bit more accurate description of each beer (I like both of them a lot, they are just different to me from their self-described style).

Meanwhile, Daisy Cutter is quite the little hop bomb that can knock you on your ass if unprepared for the strong hop kick.  A delicious brew, no doubt, and the beer that turned me on to the great local company that I need to visit sometime soon.  However, I think it does best at the start of a session (and for optimal taste, I would consume a fair amount of water between beers to cleanse the palate for the next beer).  I would love to have sampled the recently brewed Double Daisy Cutter but struggle to imagine the hop force infused in that beer.

Also, for readers of Beer Advocate there is a discussion on this same topic of pale ales.  Clearly some people disagree with my assessments here, particularly on Burning River and its sessionability, but that is the great thing about beer.  Not everyone thinks the same, nor should they, and all educated opinions are great to partake in.

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